Las Botanas

El Queso Fundido A la Mexicana

Melted Monterrey Cheese, mixed  with mexican salsa & seasoned with tequila


Las Imperiales de Pollo

Crispy tostadas loaded with shredded chicken, fresh lettuce, beans, & lots of cheese


Comal Surtido

Sample platter with our selection of our best starters from "El Comal" (Tortilla Grill) with Quesadillas, Sopes, and imperiales. Large Comal, includes extra piece of each item and Mexican melted cheese.

$270 (2 persons)
$480 (4-6 persons)


Mushrooms, regional sausage and Poblano pepper.


Los Sopes de Cochinita

Two corn dough (masa) patties loaded with shredded pork in Axiote, black beans, onions & cheese.


Entradas del Mar

Tiradito Choyero

Fresh catch of the day, sliced in medium thick sices, tossed in lemon-soy-olive & sesame seed oil fine slices of red onion and cilantro chifonade. Finished with thin slices of serrano pepper and "Los Planes Sea Salt"


Cocktail de Camaron Acapulco

The classic Mexican Shrimp cocktail served in the popular Acapulco style cocktail sauce


Ceviche de Pesca Blanca

Fresh white catch, tossed in our special citrics and herbs marinade, with cucumber, onion, jicama and serrano pepper


Ceviche Costeño Campechano

Acapulco style cocktail with a mix of shrimp, octopus, fish, & fresh Baja scallops.


Pulpos al Ajillo

Tender Baby octopus sauteed in garlic-oil-butter, infused with chile guajillo and paprika with a touch of citrics.


Las Sopas

La de Frijoles Negros con Nopalitos

Black bean soup, garnished with thin slices of cactus leaves, crispy tortilla strips, fresh local cheese and cream.


La Sopa de Tortilla

The classic: rich tomato-tortilla and epazote broth with cream, cheese, chile pasilla rings and avocado.


Las Ensaladas

Ensalada Campestre

Fresh locally grown organic lettuce & tomatoes, pickled black beans, cubes of fresh local  Panela cheese, served with  sweet & sour cilantro-soy-pasilla vinagrette


La Mixta de la Huerta

Local organic greens (mixed lettuces) and grilled mix of zucchini, red onions, corn & colored bell peppers; topped with crunchy tortilla strips and cotija cheese; wth pineapple-cilantro-jalapeño vinagrette.


La de Frutos y Raices

Local organic arugula and a mix of beets, jicama, carrot & sweet potato chips; sprinkled with salty-crushed pepper & fresh cilantro and our home-made spicy-chamoy dressing on the side.


Delicias Vegetarianas

Panela Asada a la Talla

Fresh Panela Cheese grilled in a very tasty rub of mixed dried chiles, served with tomatillo sauce, topped with fried tortilla jullienne, tomato rice and black beans.


Chile Relleno Vegetariano

Roasted and peeled poblano pepper filled with a delicios sauteed stew of assorted vegetables, red rice pecans & cotija cheese, bathed with tomato sauce, served with cheese enchilada, cilantro mashed potato & beans on the side.


Chile Relleno de Queso

Roasted and peeled poblano pepper filled with Fresh Panela cheese, bathed with tomato sauce; served with melted cheese enchilada, rice & beans on the side.


Los Pescados Y Mariscos

Pescado del Dia

Your choice of delicious recipies from coasts of Mexico

Zarandeado- Rubbed with herbs & spices, slowly grilled to perfection

Mojillo - Seasoned with chile  guajillo and garlic.

Talla - Rubbed with a mixture of dried chiles and herbs, grilled on charcoal

Tikin Xic plato clasico Maya - Classic Mayan dish marinated in axiote; wrapped & grilled in a banana leaf

Veracruzana - One of the most popular, made  with tomato, jalapeño, capers and olives


Tacos de Camaron al Pastor

Shrimp marinated in Axiote & Pineapple adobo, grilled and served in tacos, topped with fresh onions and cilantro.


Camarones al Aguardiente

Sauteed Baja Shrimp flame broiled with a garlic-guajillo-tequila sauce, served with rice and sauteed vegetables.


Carnes y Pollo

Las Enchiladas Verdes o Rojas

Three chicken enchiladas with your choice of red or green tomatillo sauce. (You can order it with both sauces if you like)


Las Puntas de Res Andamio

Tender grilled beef filet tips served in a tomatillo-chile serrano, onion & tomato sauce


La Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña

Grilled marinated Arrachera steak, with one chicken enchilada, beans, rice & guacamole.


La Cochinita Pibil

Famous dish from Yucatan. Oven roasted shredded pork in achiote (paste of ground annato seeds, spices, tomatos) Served with spicy pickled red onions.


Las Carnitas de Michoacan

Succulent confit of pork, served with rice, beans, guacamole, cilantro & onions from the state of Michoacan.


El Filete de Res al Chipotle

Grilled choice Sonora filet of beef al gratin with Monterrey cheese, in a chile chipotle sauce, with beans & fresh cilantro mashed potatoes.


Los Tradicionales Moles y Adobos de Mi Casa

El Manchamanteles

One of the seven ancient moles from Oaxaca, made of chile guajillo, chile ancho apple, pineapple, plantain, chicken & pork.


El Mole Poblano

Masterpiece of mexican cuisine! Savory dish of chicken covered in a rich sauce of dried chiles: ancho, mulato & pasilla; a variety of seeds, spices & a hint of chocolate (approx. 35 ingriedients) A feast for your palette!


Las Costillas Adobo de Tamarindo

Oven roasted pork short rib, baked in delicious smoked chile & tamarind adobo. A great sweet & sour flavor. Served with fresh cilantro mashed potatoes, beans & guacamole.


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